Pastrami reuben

Pastrami reuben


If you haven’t tried our Pastrami Reuben sandwich yet, you seriously need to get yourself to Gourmet Deli House, and fast! How do we prepare our Pastrami? This juicy hunk of beef has made it’s way out of the smoker after being brined to a beautiful red for three weeks, rubbed down with magical spices, and smoked low and slow to perfection.

This Pastrami Reuben sandwich is loaded with the Pastrami, paired with melted, pulling Swiss cheese, finished with sweet and tangy coleslaw, Russian mustard dressing and mayo. Served hot off the grill, the Pastrami is incredibly tender, fresh-baked, finely grilled bread is crunchy and buttery, creating a perfect combo with other ingredients that will make your mouth watery every time you’ll back to the moment you tried it. It can be served with fresh-cut, crispy french fries and additional coleslaw.

Stop by at Gourmet Deli House and treat yourself with our Pastrami Reuben. Can’t leave the office? Too much work? Let the UBER EATS bring it to you, then! Bon appetit!

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