Grilled Rachel Sandwich (turkey)

Grilled Rachel Sandwich (turkey)



Is it a lunch-time already? Stop in for the best Grilled Rachel sandwich in the whole town. Even if you’re a Reuben fan, you should give our Rachel a try. At Gourmet Deli House, we’re making it with house-roasted, thick-cut turkey breast, grilled with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and our crispy, freshly-baked marble rye bread with a sauce on it. 

We carefully prepare all the goodies – organic vegetables from the local market, fresh turkey, best quality cheese and rye bread loaves, freshly baked in our own bakery, using only rye sourdough starter, caraway, flour, yeast, salt, and water. By adding to it a special sauce, our chefs take this classic meal on a whole another level, so you just have to try it out!

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