Bologna or Salami Sandwiches

Bologna or Salami Sandwiches


$12.00 $11.00


Served with pickles and your choice of coleslaw, potato salad, macaroni salad, health salad or Israeli salad
Bread: fresh baked rye, seedless rye, white, wheat, kaiser roll, challah, bagel, bialy or wrap (plain, spinach,tomato basil)

If you want to eat a fresh Bologna sandwich with soft bread and delicious toppings, then welcome to this comfortable place. We respect centuries-old traditions and offer only the most delicious dishes made from natural ingredients. All our recipes came from the traditions of Jewish families who moved to America in the last century. We can say for sure that each of our dishes is a real masterpiece. Here you can eat a tasty meal and have a good time with your family and friends. Discuss your wishes with us and we will help to arrange excellent catering for weddings, birthdays, parties, Hanukkah, commemoration and other important events. Check out our menu and try the most delicious dishes with a great presentation at an affordable price. We respect the Jewish traditions that came to us from our ancestors, so here you can find dishes for every taste. The kitchen of our restaurant also works takeaway.

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