Blt sandwich

Blt sandwich


Nowadays, there exist many different sandwiches. Among all the diversity of receipts, one sandwich has a special place. That’s BLT sandwich.

If you like tasty sandwiches (well, who doesn’t?), then you heard about a BLT sandwich for sure. Most likely, you even had a chance to taste it. Gourmet Deli House chefs know how to make the best BLT sandwich of any kind.

First of all, the BLT sandwich consists of three main ingredients: Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato). That’s how the name of this dish appeared.

The classical BLT sandwich is made exactly from these ingredients. Additionally, there are such kinds of this dish: California BLT and breakfast BLT sandwich.

You should taste them all in the Gourmet Deli House restaurant. Or you can order catering services and get your sandwiches wherever you want to eat them.

What you do from here is your call. We’ll cook the best BLT sandwich for you in any case.

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