Lunch catering

A business lunch delivered to the office or home is a good solution for those who value their time, eat properly and regularly, and care about their health. Various companies that focus on a long-term working relationship with their employees, often include free lunch for the team. In this way, management can show that they pay attention to the simplest needs of their dear workers. Who wouldn’t like to work in such a company and achieve results?

Gourmet Deli House provides lunch catering for the whole team, where you can choose the option that suits each employee separately. For example, one worker is the chief manager of the sales department, he loves traditional food, which includes soup, mashed potatoes with a patty, a light vegetable salad, and tea. He always chooses just such a set of dishes. However, there is another employee with different eating habits – C.E.O.’s secretary. She is on a diet, so she eats large portions of salad and dietary meat. The trainee on the other side is OK with just a couple of sandwiches or soup. All of these people are united when it comes to lunchtime, leveling all the differences between them. Nothing can bring people together like food.

Want your team to feel the real team spirit? Let them chose the best option for themselves, and Gourmet Deli House is ready to prepare it, pack it and deliver it straight to your office.

When else the lunch catering may be found useful? For example, if you have a serious meeting with the investor, which may last several hours. However, there is no time for a trip to the restaurant because every minute counts, and treating people only with a cup of coffee is not very solid. Gourmet Deli House professionals are here to help you because you simply cannot make a good deal on an empty stomach, can you?

Go on! Ask in advance what your guests prefer to eat for their lunch. Call their secretary, ask her for discretion and find out, all of the useful information. Do not leave these questions unattended. You can’t serve meat to a vegetarian or a glass of wine to a non-drinker. One of the worst-case scenarios could be a salad with an allergen (for example peanuts, seafood or red vegetables), for someone who suffers from food allergies. Therefore, just like in business, there should not be anything hidden, that could compromise a whole deal or agreement. Let everything be transparent and simple. Who knows? It may turn out to be a key. Remember! In the negotiations, every detail shows your attitude.

Good business needs honest and long-term partners. Let us become your partner as well, and we will repay you not only with delicious food but also with honest advice.

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