Gourmet Deli House Story

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For the first time the doors of the Gourmet Deli House were opened on the Worth Plaza in September 1985. The restaurant was founded by the Garnet family, who had considerable experience in gourmet cooking. In 1988 Garnets began to develop a new food project 3G’s (one of them is currently working in Delray Beach), and the restaurant was bought from them by Glenn Sandler.

He expanded and rebuilt it, and in 2003 moved it into large and cozy neighboring space on the same Worth Plaza (7117 Lake Worth Road). The restaurant received a modern well-equipped kitchen, ample Deli and Bakery shop and spacious dining room with two lounges. The kitchen has been headed by the reputed Chef Rudi Areas, who still leads the team and prepares outstanding dishes. In 2010, the Gourmet Deli House was bought and owned by known insurer and financier George Abuozeid and his heirs.

In 2016 the restaurant has been managed by a professional in American and gourmet cuisine, a great connoisseur of Yiddish culture and traditions Boris Brodsky and his partners. Having lived in New York for 40 years, Boris inspired a restaurant and Deli with new authenticity and a modern approach to management. Under the leadership of Boris and Rudi, the restaurant is reasonably developed and updated, new technologies and dishes are being introduced in the kitchen. The menu is carefully adjusted, new ones appear along with famous and traditional dishes, reflecting the breadth of demographic changes in Palm Beach County.